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Aquatic Psychotherapists use water to soothe or heal clients through any or all of the senses. Therapies can be either heard, touched, smelled or one can be emerged in the water. Healing can occur on land, near the water, on the water or in the water. Each Aquatic Psychotherapist integrates water into their therapeutic practices in their own unique way. 


Sandra Moenssens is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been in private practice in Florida for more than 15 years. She is an avid water enthusiast who created Aquatic Psychotherapy in 2020. Healers and therapists have been using water to soothe and heal since the beginning of time, but only recently has a term been created for it by trained professionals. Sandra has been using the peacefulness of the water for many years to self-soothe, wash away her day, refresh and renew. 


Sandra wants to bring these transformative qualities of water to you, so you may also wash away your turbulent times and transform them into soothing waves that will get you back into the flow. 

 Next Aquatic Psychotherapy Events 

Inner-tube down the Wekiva River 

July 26, 2024

Kelly Park 400 E Kelly Park Rd, Apopka, FL

To register for this event call:


Assess your level of comfort with being in the water. In other words, don’t get in over your head. If a kayak experience is too much, then opt for a private swimming experience in a local pool with Sandra, where you can stand up or hold on to the side whenever you feel unsure of your abilities. 

Be prepared for the elements. This is Florida. The sun will be shining. There will probably be rain, too. All of this, as we know, can change within a matter of a few minutes. Bring sunscreen, a bottle of water, and an extra towel to sit on during group talk and instruction. Bring a chair if you don’t want to sit on the ground. Optional gear that you may want to bring are water shoes, wetsuits and life vests, depending on the water journey you have signed up for. The water at Wekiva Springs is a cool consistent 72 degrees. And above all, don’t forget to wear your swimsuit!


For the inner tube, kayak and canoe floats down the Wekiva River, you will have two distinct floats with a group session before, during and after the second float. The rest of your journey will be done on your own. This is your time to reflect and take a deep dive into your past or envision your vibrant future. Sometimes the current will take you into the river banks or get you whirled up in the weeds. Maybe this is all part of your journey? Resist helping your fellow floaters, unless of course they are in over their heads and waving you down, asking for help.

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Testimonials: “The float and accompanying floater in my group helped me achieve insights into myself

and my past that I don’t think I would otherwise have had in traditional therapy approaches.” 

A.S. Go With the Flow Woman’s Float

Other Upcoming Aquatic Psychotherapy events:


Couples Kayak trip down the Wekiva River 

Call to register for the next event.


Learn how to communicate better and accept the influences from the other to paddle more efficiently.

Connect on a deeper level and refresh your romantic and playful energy.

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Individual Water Sessions are also available at a local pool (Yours or mine). 

EMDR Enhancement Aquatic Therapy: Clients who are in EMDR therapy can attend a session where they let go of the past EMDR targets by letting the cleansing water wash away the old traumas and obstacles for good. You will be work with your therapist while engaging in this water activity. 

Mindfulness Mental Health Swims: Client’s can also book an individual float for Mindfulness. Mindfulness swimming can help you rebalance your body systems and help you get back into sync. Meditate while swimming laps or walking in the pool. You choose your level of comfort being in the water. An instructor will guide you through this tranquil exercise, and help you gain the peace you are seeking.